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Holidays on a Theme

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Themed Holidays

In the search of interesting and unusual holiday experiences, people are now trying out themed holidays to take them somewhere different. 

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Scuba diving in Egypt

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When people talk about Egypt, the first things that come to mind are the Pyramids, desert and sands. But Egypt also holds one of the most interesting diving sites in the world. Remember that Egypt is home of the very popular Red Sea and many of the cities located in this beautiful part of Egypt are popular tourist attractions. One city that stands out in the country is Sharm el-Sheikh. Located in the southern end of Sinai, the city is also home to some interesting structures and natural wonders such as Mount Sinai and the Monastery of Saint Catherine.

The scuba diving experience in Egypt is unique and should be considered by any experienced diver. The Red Sea has a high salt level which provides a very different diving setting due to the increased level of salt. The Red Sea has a unique reef structures and they are very accessible because many of them reach the shallow water area of the sea.

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Ancient history in Abu Simbel

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Abu Simbel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the southern area of Egypt. It is home of the temples and structures dedicated to Pharaoh Ramessess II and Queen Nefertiti. This site was originally built for two reasons – first was to impress the gods and the second reason was to prove Egypt’s dominance over their enemies with their capabilities to built massive structures.

There are two temples found in Abu Simbel, the larger temple is dedicated to three gods (Amun, Ptah and Ra-Harakhty). The smaller temple is dedicated to Hathor. The larger temple is more popular because they feature four statues of the great pharaoh, located on the façade of the temple. Each temple features remarkable carvings that practically tell the history of Ancient Egypt as well as their practices.

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Enjoy your holiday by the Red Sea

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Going on a vacation by the Red Sea should be on the best and high-classed hotel but at a price that is lower compared to other nearby resorts. If you want class and sophistication without burning your pockets then choosing to stay in Taba is just perfect. Take a feast on the beautiful beach with crystal clear water, snorkel and scuba dive in the company of expert divers, enjoy fine dishes at their restaurants and have a great stay in their 5 star hotels.

You will surely enjoy the wonderful warm weather in Egypt. Egypt is known for its warm weather and where else could you enjoy basking in the sun that on a shore? Add some great tropical fruit shakes and you’ll be in paradise. Get great accommodation from one of these hotel resorts in Taba for an ultra experience. You can choose to stay in Taba Heights Marriott Red Sea Resort, Movenpick Resort in Taba and Hilton Taba Resort for as low as £379 per person for a 7-day stay.

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