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Top 10 European Coach Trips

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Europe Coach Travel

According to the Coach Tourism Council, which represents around 150 national, regional and family-run coach tour operator members in Britain, intrepid holidaymakers in the UK have a wide range of interest when it comes to choosing destinations.  Here are ten hot tips of where to go this year for your coach holidays:

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Europe’s Best Beaches

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Some holidays aren’t complete without a good old stretch of sand backed onto water. Especially for those of us who don’t live by the sea – and even those who do – there is a magical allure to the water and coastlines. And in particular, beaches. We feel like we’re on the edge of something, away from our troubles, and able to survey things more clearly. Of course it also helps if it’s sunny and warm. So if you’re the kind of person who has a beach at the top of your list of priorities, here are five that could convince you to change holiday plans next year.
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Europe’s most romantic holiday destinations

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Love and marriage, holidays and romancing – they go together like song and dancing. But which are the places most likely to set the fires of passion burning in your heart? Whether you’re looking for love, or something a little more short-term – a holiday fling, perhaps – destination can be crucial for finding a compatible lover with similar interests. So depending on what kind of relationship you’re after, here are some suggestions as to the perfect place for your romantic encounters. Read the rest of this entry »


Holidays on Film: Top 3 European Film Festivals

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At film festivals, not only do you get to see the films before they go on general release. And nor is it just about  rubbing shoulders with the stars, although there is that too. Film festivals are also often held in great locations, which makes them the perfect getaways. There are literally thousands of film festivals around the world, from tiny events in villages, bars and even people’s houses to the biggest industry showcases. Here are three of the best in Europe (and no, Cannes isn’t one of them).

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Top 3 spring holiday destinations

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For many people, including me, Spring is the perfect month for travelling. Often cooler, less crowded and cheaper than summer holidays, it’s the ideal getaway time for anyone who can enjoy themselves in temperatures below 100°F. So in light of the impending seasonal change in the northern hemisphere, here are my top three Spring destinations.

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Europe’s Top 5 Water Parks

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Europe is well known for their amazing historical destinations and natural wonders. But tourists are now beginning to realize that Europe is also home to some thrilling and exciting water parks. Almost every country in Europe is home to a beautiful aqua attraction that should not be missed.
Adaland in Turkey

Located in Kusadasi, Adaland is one of the most popular water parks in the world because of their thrilling rides. The slides are simply amazing and the view from the top is spectacular. There are some areas that are only open in select months so check out their site for additional activities to enjoy any time of the year. If you are interested in relaxing while having a holiday in Turkey the Adaland is a great option for the whole family.


Caneva World in Italy

The best thing about Caneva World is that it comes with two theme parks each for specific type of recreation. If you’re looking for some traditional activities in the water you should visit Aqua Paradise. For shows, you should visit Movie Land.

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Europe’s Most Scary Rollercoaster’s

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A rollercoaster is a thrilling ride that push the borders of entertainment. While other rollercoaster strive to entertain everyone brave enough to experience the ride, there are others who constantly look for ways to push the boundaries of thrill that it becomes scary. In fact, there are a good number of rollercoaster in Europe known to scare their riders instead of simply providing a thrilling experience. So when your on your next European or British Holiday it might be worth checking out the following rides;


Saw – The Ride

Based on a very popular horror movie franchise, “Saw – The Ride” combines the themes from the movie with a thrilling rollercoaster. Located in Thorpe Park, riders will go through speeds of up to 55mph or 89kph. Opening in 2009 the ride has continued to attract the attention of park visitors because of its unique concept. There’s even a venue where riders can bring home a video of their experience while riding the movie themed coaster.

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