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Europe’s Top 5 Water Parks

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Europe is well known for their amazing historical destinations and natural wonders. But tourists are now beginning to realize that Europe is also home to some thrilling and exciting water parks. Almost every country in Europe is home to a beautiful aqua attraction that should not be missed.
Adaland in Turkey

Located in Kusadasi, Adaland is one of the most popular water parks in the world because of their thrilling rides. The slides are simply amazing and the view from the top is spectacular. There are some areas that are only open in select months so check out their site for additional activities to enjoy any time of the year. If you are interested in relaxing while having a holiday in Turkey the Adaland is a great option for the whole family.


Caneva World in Italy

The best thing about Caneva World is that it comes with two theme parks each for specific type of recreation. If you’re looking for some traditional activities in the water you should visit Aqua Paradise. For shows, you should visit Movie Land.

Tenerife Water Park

Tenerife is already a popular summer destination because of its beaches. But the island just became a little bit more interesting thanks to a new Water Park. Aside from traditional slides and swimming pools, tourist can also enjoy dolphin shows.
Aquacity Mallorca

Aquacity is perfect for the entire family because there is always something for people of any age to enjoy. From the simplest rides in the water to the “Harakiri” drop which should be challenging enough even for experienced sliders.
Aqualand French Riviera

Although it’s a little bit expensive, it’s one of the best places in French Riviera for the family to just relax. It’s also highly accessible and very near to various accommodations in the French


  1. Yannis Said,

    There is another famous aqua park in Cyprus. The Fasouri water park in Limmasol which is a really nice water park

  2. Lazaros Said,

    I have been to Tenerife Water Park. I found the dolphin shows amazing.

  3. Karl Said,

    Wow. Thank you for the article. It has been years since the last time I was in a water park. I am really curious to see how water parks in other countries look like, Sounds like a good idea for the holiday trip to spend a day in a water park

  4. Chris Said,

    Fantastic I love water parks but have never been to any listed, maybe I need to tell my boss a holiday is in order!

  5. Jacob Said,

    This water park in Turkey looks amazing. I have been to a water park in Malaysia which is Indoor, how cool is that? and the best part is the water is also warm inside.

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