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When in Rome, Relax in the Lap of Luxury

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Planning to travel to Rome? Choose to stay in one of the top 5 best luxury hotels.

Suite Sistina

Suite Sistina

The sexiness of Suite Sistina is this luxury hotel’s selling point. A hotel that believes in the utmost intimacy and privacy, Suite Sistina offers private dinners full of pampering, including oils & essences for body care, flowers and chocolates, rich delicacies, all accompanied by your favourite music. What could be more romantic? Well, perhaps Suite Sistina’s location.

Nestled next to the Spanish Steps, behind the Via Sistina, Suite Sistina’s exterior emulates its desire to provide its guests with privacy. With an easy-to-miss inconspicuous hotel front, the facade is truly just a facade, as inside, luxury and opulence abounds. Each of the nine rooms is different, meaning your stay in Suite Sistina will be unique from the rest, though all rooms personify romance with a twist.

With lush toiletries, bathtubs in the bedrooms, silk sheets, soft lights and round beds (in which you’ll be served an all-organic breakfast), Suite Sistina is nothing, if not sexy.

• Double Rooms available from €170

Babuino 181


As the third and most recent addition to the boutique hotel collection, which also includes Margutta 54 and Mario de’ Fiori 37, Babuino 181 adds to the collection’s continued aim to repurpose historical buildings, modernizing them into luxury boutiques.

Babuino 181’s 19th-century palazzo includes all contemporary amenities, from a Nespresso machine to iPod docks to lighting controlled by touchpad. The modern clean-lined decor is not without a dash of exquisite Italian detail however, which you’ll find in the beautiful mosaic-tiled marble bathrooms and in the fresh flowers which greet you daily.

The sheer amount of space may blow you away; starting at 26 square metres, the room holds generous king-sized beds and walk-in closets. Still, with all of its modernity, the romantic hotel rooftop terrace screams of old-world charm, with boxes of flowers lining your view of the neighbourhood of the Spanish Steps.

• Double Rooms availabe from €207

Kolbe Hotel Rome

Kolbe Hotel

Situated in one of Rome’s most coveted areas, Kolbe Hotel Rome is a repurposed 15th century convent lying to the south of the Roman Forum. The neighbourhood nestled between the Circus Maximus and Palatine Hill, although full of ancient gems, like the San Giorgio al Velabro 7th century church and the 4th century Arch of Janus, is not often frequented by tourists, making this luxury hotel primarily situated in one of Rome’s best kept secrets.

Opened not long ago, Kolbe Hotel Rome boasts 72 modern rooms, sized for families or for couples, and detailed with Venetian marble and gorgeous mosaic tiles. Many have a view of the spectacular hotel garden, with its mix of lemon, olive and orange trees. Combining historical significance with luxury and elegance, Kolbe Hotel Rome will both make you feel at home and take your breath away.

• Double Rooms available from €180

Villa Laetitia

Villa Laetitia

Located across the river from the Parioli district and the Villa Borghese, this art nouveau villa was built by Armando Brasini in 1911, and then was redesigned by Anna Fendi Venturini, Italian fashion icon, in 2006.

The unparalleled exclusivity of Villa Laetitia can be found in its 15 mini-apartments, each with designer signatures placing the exclusive touch throughout. With an eclectic array of odds and ends strewn throughout the rooms, don’t be surprised to find original sketches by Dior and Chanel, a Mies van der Rohe sofa bed from the 1930s, or a Picasso foulard amongst the guestrooms, providing that rare and special touch.

All rooms have kitchenettes, and most have their own private garden or terrace. The hotel also boasts one of the most spectacular reception areas, with elaborate plaster reliefs, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and full-length mirrors which reflect the exuberance ten-fold.

• Double Rooms available from €230

St George Roma Hotel

St George Hotel

With a building designed by the head architect of St. Peter’s Basilica, Bramante, you likely will not find a more impressive history than in St George Rome Hotel.

Centrally located in 500-year-old Via Giulia, one of Rome’s most atmospheric districts, the building of St George Roma Hotel dates back to 1508, but was redesigned and reopened in 2007. The smooth detail of this chic luxury hotel begins in the open-plan lobby and ends in the rooftop bar, which overlooks the neighbouring 17th century churches, chiming to the bells, and sipping on wine.

The boutique hotel features 64 modern rooms, each with its own character – some Renaissance-inspired, detailed with works by Bramante and Caravaggio, while others are modern-vintage-driven, drawing inspiration from ‘60s Italian icons and the Fiat 500. St George Roma also houses an extraordinary hotel spa, with massages or Turkish baths on offer.

• Double Rooms available from €300

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