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Holidays on a Theme

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Themed Holidays

In the search of interesting and unusual holiday experiences, people are now trying out themed holidays to take them somewhere different. 

Film Locations

Famous film locations are a popular destination for travellers looking for something new.  The beautiful island of Ko Phi Phi Le in Thailand provided the set for the Leonado DiCaprio film, The Beach, and has become an essential day trip for people staying in nearby Phuket.

In New Zealand, Lord of the Rings tours are available where travellers can raft down the Kawaran River, featured in the first film of the trilogy, or be awed by the Aoraki Mt Cook, used as Middle Earth’s Misty Mountains.

Theme tours

Slightly less exotic, but equally thrilling for film fans, is the chance to visit Salzberg in Austria where The Sound of Music was filmed. Visitors can re-enact the famous Do-Re-Mi song in the Mirabelle Palace and Gardens or visualise the nuns singing ‘Maria’ in The Benedictine Convent on Nonnberg.

Famous Battlefields

The sites of historical battles also make interesting tourist destinations and coach tours exist to allow tourists the opportunity to wander the sites of famous conflicts like Waterloo, the Battle of the Bulge, the American Civil War and the Zulu and Boer wars in South Africa.  Popular destinations also include the infamous battlefields of World War I like the Somme, Ypres and the sites of the D-Day landing in Normandy. 

Solar Eclipses

Holiday ToursFor those who like to plan ahead, it is possible to book trips to view solar eclipses in 2016 that travel to Java, Sumatra, Komodo islands, Borneo and Bali for the best views of this rare phenomenon.


In association with Moulinsart, fans of Tintin can now follow in their hero’s footsteps with a tour that covers locations made famous by Tintin’s adventures in India, Egypt and Jordan.

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