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Handy Travel Apps for the Global Traveller

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As the popularity of smartphones increases, the number of apps available to enhance people’s travel experience grows. Apps have been created to make booking flights easier, make travelling more sociable and generally help people to get on at their chosen destination. Below are a few interesting travel apps for world travellers.


If you are finding it difficult to get your friends to come along on holiday with you but don’t want to go alone, you can use this app to help organise meet ups and group tours. Search by location, age group or type of trip to see who is available to join you on your travels.


As an alternative to using banks or expensive money exchange shops, this app allows travellers to swap currency with other users. WeSwap send you a prepaid Mastercard that will allow you to draw money out that is charged at a flat rate of 1% when you swap with other users or 1.5% if WeSwap changes the money for you. It works by a person putting money, in their local currency, into a WeSwap account and that money can then be swapped with someone who has an account with money in their desired currency.

Money Exchange

Ask a Stranger

This app gives the user the opportunity to ask a local person a question. If they are in Paris, for example, and want to know the best place to eat snails, they can type the question into the app and someone nearby can answer it for them. A credits system is used to ensure that users get the best answers in as quick a time as possible because the quicker and more useful the response, the more credits the answerer receives. Each question costs 10 credits and users are given 100 free credits when they sign up and can buy 50 more for $0.99. The people who receive the credits can either use them to ask questions themselves or have them converted into money.


Named as one of the top 20 apps for Android phones by the Guardian Newspaper, this app does exactly what it says. It allows travellers to provide an audio commentary of their pictures. They can create slide shows with voice overs and either put them on Facebook/Twitter or email/text them to loved ones.


Fussy eaters will like this app as it allows users to see what their food looks like before they have even set foot in the restaurant. People can search for local restaurants and see exactly what is on offer with pictures of top picks from the menu.



Get driven around by local people in their own cars rather than ordering a taxi with this app. The app is free but the lifts are not. In addition to getting people in touch with people who are prepared to give them a ride, Lyft offers specialist insurance and background checks on drivers to make sure both parties are kept safe. Drivers get to make money and those using the service get to talk to local people, ask their advice and generally socialise while they are being driven about.

These are just a small selection of the apps available to make life easier for travellers and provide services in a novel and interesting way.

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