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She sells Seychelles on the Sea shore

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The Seychelles is one of the most visited tropical countries in the Indian Ocean. The collection of beautiful islands located north east of Madagascar give tourists the classic views of a white sandy beach, beautiful blue ocean and weather and surroundings everybody is sure to enjoy.

Throughout the 33 islands the country has many great experiences and adventures for tourists to take part in. The Aldabra is the largest atol in the world offering visitors the chance to see over 152,000 giant Tortoises. The Bird Island is a nearby coral island that birds in their thousands stop on to rest. The Denis Island is also another great area to capture wildlife with a popular coral island, perfect for snorkelling in.

If you want to relax and experience the great area, Fregate Island has Anse Victorin beach which was recently voted the best beach in the world by the Times. Silhouette Island is another amazing area for those that love to explore with many great countryside to hike and ocean to swim and snorkel in.

The Seychelles have their own great cuisine which is a mix of rich and exotic French and Italian flavours. Food is generally prepared with hot condiments and spices and has a thicker consistency compared to western food. The richness of their dishes tend to come from the generous amounts of coconut milk that’s added to the dishes. For the most part Seychelles locals prepare food out of sea food such as Shell fish and Crabs although chicken beef and lamb are used in some of their meals.

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