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Top Sights in Seychelles Every Tourist Should Visit

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Seychelles is a beautiful country in the western regions of Indian Ocean. It’s a favorite tourist destination during the summer season because of the beautiful waters with amazing natural attractions. With more than 100 islands to choose from and beautiful weather, who wouldn’t want a holiday in the Seychelles?

The beauty of Seychelles is not only on their pristine beaches. There are also attractions other than the beach that every tourist should experience while in the Seychelles. These attractions are testament that the country’s beauty also rests on what can be found on land.


Victoria Botanical Garden

Established in 1901, the Victoria Botanical Garden is home to wide variety of plants and trees found in different islands of Seychelles. Other species from other countries are also found in this beautiful garden. Among the top attractions in the garden is the Coco de Mer Tree planted by a royalty in 1956. Another attraction in the garden is the sanctuary for Aldabra tortoises.


Beau Vallon Beach

The most popular beach in the largest island of Seychelles always brings amazement especially to first time tourists. The pristine waters of the beach with fine sand always bring out the best of Seychelles. The beauty of the beach is complemented with different types of activities especially during the summer season.


Vallée de Mai

Located in the island of Praslin, Vallée de Mai is a national park and one of the two World Heritage Sites of Seychelles. The national park is well known for its abundant Coco de Mer which is an endemic plant known as the largest seed in the world.


  1. Travis Said,

    I agree with this post. Most people think of beaches when they think of Seychelles but there are many things the island offer. Specially the Victoria botanical garden. It has a great selection of tropical plants which we do not get to see anywhere else. Highly recommended.

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