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For travellers who want to boldly go where no tourist has gone before, guided tours can be an interesting option. They allow brave holidaymakers to take the less travelled path and cut down on a lot of the aggravation that wastes precious exploring or relaxing time.

At some destinations, the first challenge comes when you try to leave the airport so having a tour guide to navigate this system, especially if complicated visas and immigration controls are in place, can be an absolute luxury. Before you even begin with any of the exciting stuff, being on a guided tour can remove all of the petty annoyances faced on the average holiday. Negotiating public transport, local customs and knowing where you can go to not get ripped off are all things that will be taken care of on a guided tour so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

Not only can they take care of practical matters for you, guided tours can take you to places you would never normally go. Language no longer presents a barrier to immersing yourself in the local culture and a tour guide can take you to places that would either be inaccessible to tourists or just too dangerous for you to go alone.

Examples of the opportunities available to people on guided tours include:

  • Gorilla watching in the jungles of Africa
  • Spotting polar bears in the icy regions of Canada
  • Discovering the mysteries of Ancient Greece with a tour of the ruins and historic sites
  • Exploring the wilds of remote parts of South America
  • Experiencing a cultural tour of Japan to visit temples, zen gardens and shrines

Zen garden

For people who want to experience something really different there are some slightly bizarre tour options such as:

  • Viewing crop circles in fields in England to check for evidence of UFO activity
  • Follow in the footsteps of the infamous Charles Manson on the Helter Skelter tour of Los Angeles
  • See the effects of a nuclear meltdown with a tour of Chernobyl in Ukraine
  • Visit mob hangouts and the sites of famous murders with a mob tour of Las Vegas

Crop circle

There really is a guided tour for everyone whether you want to explore difficult to get to places or just have all the usual holiday hassles taken off your hands.

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